Robert L. Giron of Gival Press Recommends...

Never underestimate the power of professionalism. Be sure to do your homework and learn a bit about the press or journal you’re querying, which is easy to do online. Read all guidelines and submit accordingly, following directions for what information to include in a simple query, the length of a sample chapter or group of poems, or the correct people to whom you should address your e-mails: Please do not send e-mails to numerous persons, for example, unless the guidelines indicate that you should do so. If the press or journal asks for an explanation of your manuscript in an e-mail or letter, be sure to thoughtfully explain what your work is about and why you are sharing it; don’t assume others will understand why you are sending them your materials. Remain positive, and understand that eventually you will hit the mark: Editors are always looking for well-written work by established and emerging authors.

Robert L. Giron, editor in chief, Gival Press


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