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I find serious strength in my morning ministry. I’ll play a single song or album on repeat every morning for several days, or even months. For several years I listened to Prince’s “Purple Rain,” both the song and the album. I’ve also turned to Aretha Franklin’s “Spanish Harlem.” The soundtrack to Sparkle. Kamasi Washington. Many days, Sun Ra. This spring Kaytranada’s “2 The Music” served as the single song, the last fifty seconds a portal into new thoughts and visions and dreams. My recommendation is that all writers should choose a song that incites euphoria and then step into that place. Every portal is different, and I find the longer I stay immersed the more I discover how I want to relate to myself and the day ahead.

Kima Jones of Triangle House Literary

Portrait: Khalid Farquharson

Photo credit: Khalid Farquharson