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At what point is an author justified in ending his relationship with his agent?

Adam from Chicago, IL
Terra Chalberg
Chalberg & Sussman
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Writers leave their agents, and vice versa, for any number of reasons, so the point at which to do so varies. If you do decide it’s time to end the relationship, it’s wise to do it gracefully. If that agent has sold any of your work, chances are you’ll have ongoing contact regarding that project or projects. It’s good to apply the law of diminishing returns. Also, ask yourself: Do you have serious misgivings about the quality of service you’re receiving? Do you believe the agent’s goals are aligned with yours? At the same time, remind yourself that no one is perfect—the grass is not always greener—and that presumably you and your agent began the relationship by working toward a common goal, and to do so again could simply require a discussion and renewal of vows, so to speak.

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