Poets & Writers Magazine Nominated for 2010 Utne Independent Press Award

New York, NY -- Poets & Writers, Inc. is pleased to announce that Poets & Writers Magazine is a nominee for the 2010 Utne Independent Press Awards for arts coverage. In a letter to Poets & Writers Magazine, David Schimke, the editor-in-chief of Utne Reader, wrote, "You have received the nod because your story choices are fresh, your writing and editing exemplary, your visual execution pitch perfect, and because we cannot wait for Poets & Writers to show up on our shelves."

The Utne Independent Press Awards recognize the excellence and vitality of alternative and independent publishing. The winners will be announced April 25 at the Magazine Publishers of America-Independent Magazine Advisory Group (IMAG) conference in Washington, D.C. For a complete list of this year's nominees, click here.

Poets & Writers Magazine, with a circulation of 60,000 nationwide, is published by the nonprofit organization, Poets & Writers, Inc.