About Our Readers

45,000+ people subscribe to Poets & Writers Magazine.
15,000+ more issues are distributed to bookstores and newsstands.
Total readership: 100,000+

Who are they?

69% of readers are female
31% of readers are male
23.2% are between the ages of 18 and 34
34% are between the ages of 35 and 54
43% are over the age of 55

They are educated
and established.

92% are college graduates
47% have an MFA or MA
16% have a PhD
59% make over $60,000 in household income
32% make over $100,000 in household income

They are loyal to Poets & Writers Magazine.

78% rely on Poets & Writers Magazine as their primary source of information on writing and publishing

They are serious about writing.

64% write poetry
58% write fiction
45% write nonfiction
73% have published poems or stories in magazines
29% have had one of the following published: a book of poems, a collection of short fiction, a novel

They are active readers.

83% purchase 11 or more books per year
42% purchase more than 22 books per year
77% subscriber to at least one literary journal
54% subscribe to two or more literary jounals
95% purchase novels or collections of short stories
81% purchase books of poetry
78% purchase books on writing

They buy their books through all available distribution avenues.

65% independent bookstores
66% chain bookstores
40% mail order/book clubs
55% online

They are interested in all of the arts.

57% regularly purchase classical music
75% watch independent films
51% attend art galleries or museums
44% attend the theater
46% contribute to NPR or PBS

They are highly responsive to ads placed in Poets & Writers Magazine.

60% of our readers respond directly to the ads they see in Poets & Writers Magazine