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    Submissions are currently open for several prizes in poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction, including the New Millennium Writings Awards, the Stone Canoe Literary Prizes, and the Room of Her Own Foundation Orlando Prizes. Their deadline is July 31. To view more contests with upcoming deadlines, visit the Writing Contests, Grants & Awards database.   

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Your trusted source for information on writing contests, grants for writers, and more.


"I finally reached this point where I feel confident that I'm going to keep doing the work, that I have enough discipline." Adam Wilson talks about negotiating happiness and priorities in his writing life for “Writerly States,” a new video series produced by Jen Werner featuring interviews with American poets and prose writers.

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    “While finishing Summerlong, I found myself in perhaps the bleakest emotional landscape of my life, negotiating a blindsiding divorce with my wife of seventeen years. While my therapist..."


    “The logistical aspects of writing—figuring out how a character gets from point A to point B, or how two plotlines intersect—can spur anxiousness in me that leads to hours of avoidance...."

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    by Jen Michalski

    Author Jen Michalski takes us on a tour of the many literary sites writers should visit while strolling the gritty streets of Baltimore.

    by Edie Rhoads

    Join indie author Edie Rhoads as she showcases the local literary treasures of one of America’s most picturesque cities.

    by Adam Ross

    Adam Ross, author of the New York Times Notable Book Mr. Peanut, takes us on a tour of his beloved Nashville, "a great secret, cool as all get-out but never self-consciously hip or competitive," with a literary life as vibrant as its musical one.

    by Michelle Wildgen

    Author and Tin House Magazine editor Michelle Wildgen serves as our guide to the literary locales of Madison, Wisconsin, a city whose lofty earnestness in everything from food to literature inspired her two novels.

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Our annual Literary Agents Issue features a roundtable discussion with four young agents on what they look for in a pitch; advice on how to impress a literary agent; interviews with the summer’s best debut novelists; a profile of best-selling author Judy Blume; Jennifer Day of the Chicago Tribune talks about book reviews; a Q&A with Los Angeles poet laureate Luis J. Rodriguez; writing prompts and exercises; and much more. 

Jul/Aug 2015

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Ampersand Episode

Listen to a preview of the new issue of the magazine; a conversation with agents Cladia Ballard, Seth Fishman, Melissa Flashman, and Alia Hanna Habib about common mistakes writers should avoid; an interview with author Jesse Browner; a poetry reading by Rowan Ricardo Phillips; Kay Ryan at Poets & Writers Live; and more.

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Typewriters in the 21st Century

Innovations like the USB Typewriter, Hanx Writer, Hemingwrite, and Typing Writer are giving new life to the classic typewriter by updating it for the digital world.

Agents & Editors: A Conversation With Four Literary Agents

Four young literary agents meet for an evening of food, drink, and conversation about how they find new authors, what they need to see in a query letter, and the common mistakes writers should avoid.

Reviewers & Critics: Jennifer Day of the Chicago Tribune

Jennifer Day, the editor of the Chicago Tribune’s Sunday books section, Printer’s Row Journal, discusses her commitment to assembling the best literary criticism on both the local and national level.

The Written Image: Swann's Way

French artist Stéphane Heuet’s Herculean efforts to democratize the work of Marcel Proust come to fruition as Norton releases his graphic-novel adaptation of Swann’s Way.

Rethinking Poetic Citizenship

In an effort to open writing contests and grants to undocumented immigrants, a group called the “Undocupoets” successfully petitions some of the most prominent presses and literary organizations in America.

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Three Poets Laureate: Lightning Rods for Poetry


Three poets laureate—Luis J. Rodriguez, Joseph Bathanti, and Natasha Trethewey—talk about the various initiatives and influences they've brought to the position, and what the role means to them.

Piazze and Pasquinades: Report From Literary Rome


In a continuing series examining the lives of writers in the international writing community, contributing editor Stephen Morison Jr. spends time with three authors in Rome who share a common desire "to shake free from a past so impressive it's suffocating."

Stories That Sing: A Profile of Michael Williams


It’s still early morning as I make my way by taxi across Cape Town, traveling from our ship in the harbor to the Artscape Theatre Center on the Foreshore. It’s a sharp, blue-sky day in late March.

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Judy Blume Gallery
Credit: Kevin Nance

Best-selling author Judy Blume, whose new novel, In the Unlikely Event, was published by Knopf in June, has always taken a simple approach to her work: “I do what I have to do to tell the story.”

Four Agents Gallery
Credit: Tony Gale

Four literary agents—Claudia Ballard, Seth Fishman, Alia Hanna Habib, and Melissa Flashman—discuss what they look for in new work, and the mistakes writers should avoid.

Angela Flournoy Gallery
Credit: Latoya T. Duncan

In our fifteenth annual First Fiction roundup, five authors—including Angela Flournoy, the author of The Turner House—discuss their debut novels.

Swann's Way Gallery
Credit: Stéphane Heuet

French artist Stéphane Heuet transforms the work of Marcel Proust in a graphic-novel adaptation of Swann’s Way, published in July by Norton.