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Your trusted source for information on writing contests, grants for writers, and more.


Book collectors and enthusiasts are always on the hunt for the elusive first edition of a book. AbeBooks explains the even rarer forms of editions that come before and are not often seen by the public.

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    “As a research tool, the Internet is the best thing to happen to writers since the invention of the modern library. On the other hand, it can be a colossal time-suck and an addictive distraction for many writers—myself included. One of our most important challenges, then, is negotiating the use of technology in our daily writing practice...."


    “What works to drive me to write is probably so idiosyncratic that it might not be generally useful, but it’s been my way of finding the motivation and the passion to put pen to paper. Sure, I like the hot afternoon walks in the hills of Altadena with my dog..."

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    by Jen Michalski

    Author Jen Michalski takes us on a tour of the many literary sites writers should visit while strolling the gritty streets of Baltimore.

    by Edie Rhoads

    Join indie author Edie Rhoads as she showcases the local literary treasures of one of America’s most picturesque cities.

    by Adam Ross

    Adam Ross, author of the New York Times Notable Book Mr. Peanut, takes us on a tour of his beloved Nashville, "a great secret, cool as all get-out but never self-consciously hip or competitive," with a literary life as vibrant as its musical one.

    by Michelle Wildgen

    Author and Tin House Magazine editor Michelle Wildgen serves as our guide to the literary locales of Madison, Wisconsin, a city whose lofty earnestness in everything from food to literature inspired her two novels.

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Our eighth annual MFA Issue includes a new resource section featuring detailed information about 135 full- and low-residency programs; conversations with poets Louise Glück and Edward Hirsch; an inside look at how Simon & Schuster launches a debut author; a new column, The Savvy Self-Publisher; three poets on keeping (and destroying) a journal; tips from literary agent Meredith Kaffel; Steve Almond on the problem of entitlement; and much more.

Sept/Oct 2014

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Listen to Jess Row read from his new novel, Your Face in Mine, one of the books featured in Page One: Where New and Noteworthy Books Begin.

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The Problem of Entitlement: A Question of Respect

A writer and workshop instructor grapples with what he sees as an increasing resistance toward the work of established authors among writing students.

Detroit's New "Writers Residency"

As part of a plan to revitalize Detroit’s literary community, the nonprofit Write a House will begin awarding writers with refurbished houses in the Motor City this fall.

The Written Image: Matthea Harvey’s If the Tabloids Are True What Are You?

Harvey’s newest collection from Graywolf Press—which features the author’s visual art alongside new poetry—reveals both her visual and verbal imaginings.  

McCabe on the Rona Jaffe Awards

The director of the Rona Jaffe Writers’ Awards discusses the program’s twenty-year effort to support emerging women writers.

0s&1s Reinvents E-book Publishing

As a digital publisher and distributor of e-books from small presses like Black Balloon, Curbside Splendor, and Tin House Books, 0s&1s Novels is reinventing how authors are paid for electronic material.

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A Writer’s Comeback: How I Built My Own Literary Scene and Saved Myself


Founder of the Sackett Street Writers' Workshop in Brooklyn, New York, Julia Fierro discusses how creating her own workshop program—and in doing so, building her own community of writers—allowed her to rediscover her own voice.

After the MFA: Fantasy, Reality, and Lessons Learned


A writer compares what she thought would happen after receiving her MFA with what actually happened, and offers a few practical lessons to writers who may be considering, or who have recently completed, a graduate writing program.

A New Prize for Self-Published Authors


The Guardian’s literary editor discusses the newspaper’s new monthly prize for self-published books by writers based in the U.K.

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Louise Gluck Gallery
Credit: Webb Chappell

Louise Glück's twelfth book of poems, Faithful and Virtuous Night, published this month by Farrar, Straus and Giroux, is alive with the wonder of discovery.

Simon & Schuster Gallery
Credit: Christy Whitney

Contributing editor Michael Bourne spends a day at the New York City office of Simon & Schuster as the publisher prepares to launch a million-dollar novel.

Matthea Harvey Gallery
Credit: Matthea Harvey

Matthea Harvey combines poetry and visual art in her fourth full-length collection, If the Tabloids Are True What Are You?, published in August by Graywolf Press.


Edward Hirsch Gallery
Credit: Tony Gale

In a pair of new books, Gabriel and A Poet’s Glossary, poet Edward Hirsch employs the passion of a critic and the grief of a father to explore what it means to be human.