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Less than 1,000
Genres Published: 
Fiction, Creative Nonfiction
Cross-genre, Experimental, Flash Fiction, Humor, Prose Poetry, Narrative Nonfiction, Literary Fiction, Pop Culture, Journalism/Investigative Reporting
Representative Authors: 

Jonathan Greenhause, Adam Levin, Joe Meno, Patrick Somerville, Jesse Ball, Kristine Ong Muslim, John M. Bennett, Blaster "Al" Ackerman

Web, Print
Reading Period: 
Jan 1 - Dec 31
Reporting Time: 
Less than 3 months
Charges Reading Fee: 
Accepts Electronic Submissions: 
Accepts Simultaneous Submissions: 
Accepts Unsolicited Submissions: 
Contributor copies only

Editorial Focus

Literary publishing, multimedia arts, psychonautics; Anobium strives to give writers a place to send their writing ‒ experimental and hybrid writing generally pishaw’d by the Academic scene (which has somehow gotten its tendrils stuck around the many boughs of Literature per se) ‒ get it read, and possibly get it published. Simple.

Tips From the Editor

We want your prose and poetry. Essays, fictions, poems, prayers, paeans, incantations. Anything and everything. We want things that say something, rather than things that talk about saying something. Think Esoteric. Psychedlic. Existential. Strange. Fantastic. Surreal. Sub-real. Agnostic. Insectile. We aren’t strict on word counts. Most of the prose pieces we accept are between 200-1,500 words. Most poems we like are no longer than 30ish lines. Of course, in this economy, we can fudge the numbers.

Contact Information

Benjamin van Loon, Executive Editor
5958 N Kenmore Ave
Chicago, IL 60660

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Last updated: June 18, 2014

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