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About the Readings & Workshops Program

Since its inception in 1970, Poets & Writers has provided fees to writers who give readings or conduct writing workshops. Each year, our Readings & Workshops program supports hundreds of writers participating in events in large cities and small towns throughout New York and California, as well as in Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Houston, Seattle, New Orleans, Tucson, and Washington D.C.

By Penny Cooper

It was a late afternoon in June, and yet another sudden thunderstorm had just ended. The schoolyard in back of P.S. 139 was usually filled with kids, but now I was the only person there. The square-shaped schoolyard is probably about one hundred feet on each side, and the two entrances, one on each street, almost form a diagonal, the hypotenuse, they call it in geometry, that line of a triangle opposite the right angle.

I often walk through the schoolyard on my way home from food shopping on Sixty-Third  Drive, and on this day the air smelled squeaky clean.  Somehow the rain had lowered the humidity and I felt refreshed.  And then I saw it and could not believe what I was seeing.  Arched over the schoolyard, pastel stripes, glistening, suspended in the air in a semi-circle, glowing red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.  I was so stunned, I forgot to take a picture with my camera I never leave home without. I barely breathed.  I realized I was still holding my grocery bags since I didn’t want to risk putting them down.  The rainbow lasted only a few minutes, but I’ll never forget how enthralling it felt to be surrounded by a rainbow.

Several weeks later, the schoolyard held another surprise when I took the hypotenuse shortcut home.  It was mid-July.  I made my way through treacherous obstacles: kids on bikes, kids on noisy skate boards, kids playing catch.  When I stopped to watch a boy perfecting his jump shots I suddenly noticed there was a vivid, colorful mural painted on a concrete wall.  I assumed it was a recent school project, maybe painted by the older sixth graders.

There’s a cheery canary yellow sky painted from Booth to Wetherole Streets.  There are huge flowers and plants only a child could have designed, painted in pastel colors just like you’d find in a rainbow.  There’s a chubby little UFO with three windows in the yellow sky, and a cute friendly robot wearing clothes.  His T-shirt says, “P.S. 139Q” (the Q stands for Queens), and in his right hand he holds a flower.  This robot obviously isn’t here to destroy our planet. In the middle of the mural, about half-way between the streets, it says “P.S. 139” again, and in big, fat, capital letters resembling graffiti under that, are the words, “WHERE DREAMS BEGIN.”


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Poets & Writers is committed to making literature available to the widest possible public, including audiences that rarely have access to literary events. Learn more about the special projects we support that bring readings and workshops to prisons, clinics, homeless shelters, settlement homes, and more.

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