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Pegasus Poetry Therapy

Are You Having Trouble Being Understood?

Do you find that people hear you but don’t necessarily listen to what you’re saying? Communication is at a minimum, a two-way street if not sometimes a five-lane highway!  Keeping your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel every day can be both stressful and exhausting.  But there are laybys where you can pull over, take a break, and revitalize your energies before hitting the road again.  That is if you know where to find them.

At its best, effective communication, through mindful empathy is sending and receiving simultaneously. Dialogue is always Dialectical. Sender and receiver transcend their duality to achieve a level of similitude that encompasses both and more.  These are moments of real connection; when someone or something just ‘clicks’ into place.

Living Your Life as Literature is a form of mindful cognition.

We can show you how to harness the poetry of language to gain insight and make greater sense of your life through Semantic Modeling and mindful cognition.   Do you suffer from mild to severe depression, non-malignant pain, PTSD, OCD, Allodoxaphobia, Agoraphobia chronic anxiety, panic attacks, or other crippling nervous conditions?

We can help you learn to harness the music and magic of language to lead you to the clearing in the wood.

Writing a story about your emotions is one way of objectifying your feelings on both page and voice that affirms your feelings while giving rise to other perspectives suppressed by your feelings of anxiety and fear.  Composing poems is a pre-cognitive therapy for resolving internal conflicts and identifying the sources of compulsive or uncontrolled behaviors.

Cycle Analysis:

You can gain emotional intelligence by allowing your awareness to step outside of your emotional cycle by describing it to yourself with words, both written and spoken.  Rather than resolving one's issues through movement, we move words around instead until they look and sound right.  An internal narrative is a story you tell yourself (about yourself) every day.  But it’s still just a story and you can write it and rewrite it any way you want.

“It’s not really writing, it should be called rewriting”

Ray Bradbury 1973

We can show you how. Poetry Therapy is not really a therapy, technique, yoga, meditation, or methodology.  
This is just a practice, like a tool to align the nonrational with the rational in the present.

We offer a safe environment for you to better identify or come to grips with your own emotions and navigate yourself to greater clarity. Poetry and fiction permit you to express emotional and cognitive states without having to include the details or the specifics.   Although completely confidential, there’s nothing you need to expose other than the content of your feelings.


What is intelligible is reacountable.  

You can write your life the way you want it to be; with either a happy ending, a tragic drama, an Action/Adventure, a search for love or fortune, a self documentary or an unanswerable mystery. We would like to candidly share the paths we’ve already taken with you.  The beneficial results we have achieved in using the words we use to better understand ourselves and our relationships to the world we live in.

Taking “control” of your own narrative means starting by recognizing and then refining your own self-narrative.

This is NOT NeuroLinguisticPrograming, Dianetics, Scientology, a cult, or even teaching; it’s a group creation and negotiation of a dynamic learning space for self-elucidation.

You are the territory and we can offer you maps if you are lost, slightly confused, or simply stuck along the way.Remember, Poetry is better than prayer because you don’t have to pretend that someone is listening.  Don’t miss out on The Greatest Story Ever Told:  the one you tell your self everyday.

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San Diego, CA
United States
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Meets Online
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Healing/Health, Narrative Nonfiction, Poetry, Prose Poetry, Religious/Spiritual
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Workshop, Writing exercises, Encouragement, Discussion, Tips
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