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CLOSED: An Aspiration Of Creators: Adventures in Writing

"Aspiration: a hope or ambition of achieving something." 

An Aspiration of Creators: Adventures in Writing takes a two-hour plunge into our writing and creative passions. We meet weekly on Fridays from 7:00 to 9:00 pm EST/EDT.  The group meets on

We devote 60 to 70 minutes of private writing within the group. You set your own goal, write at your own pace, create. The focus: write for that dedicated period of time. 

Afterward, the floor is open to group discussions (The After-Talk).

We've covered a wide range of topics from what we are writing (current WIP,  plans for the future, what has come before), writing in general, setting goals, inspirations, feedback, and, really, anything creative that comes up.

Any creator of any genre, at any level, is encouraged and welcomed.

We hope you'll join in and add to our creative world. 



This group is an open, friendly, and safe space. We will not tolerate any issues of disrespect, harassment, or sexual overtures to another member. 

Yonkers, NY
United States
New York
Meeting preference: 
Meets Online
Genres of interest: 
Autobiography/Memoir, BIPOC Voices, Creative Nonfiction, Cross-genre, Experimental, Feminist, Fiction, Graphic/Illustrated, Humor, LGBTQ Voices, Nonfiction, Serialized Fiction, Short Fiction, Speculative Fiction
Preferred group size: 
Preferred publishing/workshop experience: 
Published a book, Self-published a book, Have workshop experience
Group meets for: 
Workshop, Submissions, Encouragement, Inspiration, Discussion, Tips
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Group members:Currently has 19 members