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Poetry, Fiction, Creative Nonfiction
Representative Authors: 
Joe Wilkins, Sean Prentiss, David Cope, L.S. Klatt, Ekiwah Adler Belendez, xTx, Theodosia Henney, Robb Todd, Jamez Chang, Allie Marini Batts, R.A. Lubowitz, Leesa Cross-Smith, Justin Lawrence Daugherty, Matt Sailor, Keith Rebec, Johnny Moore, Bill Edmondson, Matthew Burnside, Esteban Rodriguez, Rachael Armstrong, Brandi Wells
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Jan 1 to Dec 31
Reporting Time: 
3 to 6 months
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No payment
Issues per Year: 
Four (Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn)
2,500 to 5,000

Editorial Focus

We do not seek scholarly analyses or angst-driven diary entries; nor do we wish to be entertained by martians, demons, ghosts, or fairy godmothers. Those stories have a place, but it’s not here. Move, amaze, horrify and educate us about the complex world in which we live. We publish storytellers. Whether they hold MFAs or are ditch diggers is of little concern, so long as the words seem to have clawed their way onto the page, defying the will of the author, with little regard for sleep, safety or comfort.

Tips From the Editor

1) Concern yourself with the sentence. 2) Do not thesaurus-ize. 3) Line edit. Please, line edit. 4) Above all else, OWN your words.

Contact Information

1330 Sunset Avenue
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