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Poetry, Fiction, Creative Nonfiction
Representative Authors: 
Prerna Bakshi, C.C. O'Hanlon, Rebecca Harrison, Kate Murdoch, Kate Jones, Ron Gibson Jr., Simon Pinkerton, Chumki Sharma, Annabel Banks, Grace Black, Penny Barratt, Nick Black, Paul Beckman, Mickie Bolling-Burke, Holly Daffurn, Lauren Dallas, Dan Diehn, Jen Ellerson, Rebecca Dutsar, Gene Farmer, Monica Flegg, Dan Flore, Sera Flynn, Georgene Smith Goodin, Paul Alex Gray, Paul Taylor, Paul Tristram, Jeffrey H Toney, PhD, Richard Green, Camille Griep, Christopher Grosso, Amy Acre, Tom Gumbert, Lee Hamblin, Bibi Hamblin, G.J. Hart, T.R. Healy, Jason Jackson, S.E. Sanders, R.L Black, S. Kay, Colin James, Peter Jordan, Avrina Joslin, Gavin Hedaux, Jamie Andrews, Sheikha A., Christopher Iacono, Kanika Katyal, Ani Keaten, Ani King, Pete Langman, Katie Lewington, E.N. Loizis, Jayne Martin
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Jan 1 to Dec 31
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Less than 3 months
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Number of Debut Authors per Issue: 
Anywhere from 20-50
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No cost
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No fee
Less than 1,000

Editorial Focus

What a Literary Magazine is Supposed to be About: The Writers, Artists and Above All, YOUR Voice!We strongly, passionately believe that instead of being taught what to think, we should be teaching each other how to think, and also be taught how to think. Only then will we discover the capabilities of our own individual cognitive abilities. It’s another step toward shattering the mold. WRITE WHAT YOU WRITE, not what you think we want you to write.

Tips From the Editor

What we WON’T TOLERATE or ACCEPT:-Racism -Misogyny -Vulgarity for vulgarity’s sake (i.e., think: an endless, nonsensical urban dictionary. No, no and no.) -Deeply disturbing ideals and/or fantasies *Important thing to note here: This is not to say in any way, shape or form that we won’t accept something dark, edgy, thought-provoking or writing containing violence or profanities–there’s a line, however. You’ll know when you’ve crossed it. As for concepts or stories about the existence of racism and misogyny, that’s different. I mean that I won’t accept or tolerate literature perpetuating or stating overt racist ideals or sexism.

Contact Information

Kelly Coody, Editor in Chief, CEO
7851 Brook Meadow Ln
Fort Worth
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