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Mar 1 to May 31
Sep 1 to Nov 30
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3 to 6 months
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No payment
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Editorial Focus

River Heron Review was established to support the arts through the sharing of poetry in their online journal, at readings, workshops, and by making public the transformative power of poetic expression.

The magazine hopes to contribute to the expansion of a community of poets, to establish a creative outlet that does not discriminate by age, race, or sexual orientation in order to offer a voice to all and to represent poetry in its many forms, styles, perspectives, and intentions.

Tips From the Editor

Read our previous issues and follow our submission guidelines carefully. Submit work that is crafted and reads well aloud and on the page. Know that we feel honored to receive and consider your work, but expect that you are sending us the best you have to offer. We read each poem as an anonymous piece of work, and are more interested in the quality of the piece than your publishing history. 

Contact Information

Robbin Farr, Co-Editor
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