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Poetry, Fiction, Creative Nonfiction
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William Aarnes, Charles Bane Jr,Melanie J. Cordova, Lynn Doiron,Michelle Bonczek Evory, Jeanne Lyet Gassman, Stephen D. Gutierrez, Khanh Ha, James Hanna, Dini Karasik, Jessica Kluthe,Sandra Kolankiewicz,Len Krisak, R.K. Marfurt, Gleah Powers, Claire Scott Rubin, Stan Sanvel Rubin, Sharman Apt Russell, Frank Scozzari, Mary McLaughlin Slechta,Jennifer MacBain -Stephens, Shelby Stephenson,Elizabeth Kate Switaj, Robert Vivian,
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Jan 1 to Dec 31
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3 to 6 months
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around 18-20
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Free Online & Free PDF / $3.00 Kindle Magazine Edition
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1,000 to 2,500

Editorial Focus

How does one judge authenticity in the literary arts? Intuition. And, if Heidegger was correct in his assumption that language is the house of Being, intuition, not logic, is the impetus of art and authenticity. Before we can come to either, it seems, we must purge those definitions attached to us like artificial appendages in public school, through mass media, in the university. The purpose of Red Savina Review is to record the writer’s struggle to wrest themselves from the bizarre marketplace of modernity in the quest to claim authenticity and thereby take a stand on Being.

Tips From the Editor

RSR is on the lookout for fresh, genuine voices that explore what it means to be human in the house of Being. It is our belief, and against the grain as of late, that individualism trumps groupthink and political correctness has often suppressed creative expression. We believe in the potential of Gen X, in concepts such as existential noir, depth, and spirit. RSR promotes original work from authentic voices. We like writing that challenges you, the writer: writing that drags you out of your comfort zone, writing that DARES you to let it have its say. Send us polished but evocative work.

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