PILGRIM, A Journal of Catholic Experience

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Fiction, Creative Nonfiction
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Jan 1 to Dec 31
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Editorial Focus

PILGRIM is committed to helping Catholics grapple intelligently and humanely with challenges posed to them both by the Church and by contemporary society. We explore what it means to sustain a Catholic identity and live Christianity holistically in today's world. We also provide a forum for Catholics, and those sympathetic to Catholic ideas and approaches to life, to develop their capacities for criticial thought, creativity, and concern for one another and for all God's creation.

Tips From the Editor

Humanistic in our approach, we are interested in all subjects that concern the life and destiny of real men and women. We seek work of intellectual, literary, and artistic quality which is also accessible to a general audience. Because our publisher, Pilgrim Publishers, Inc., is a recognized non-profit in the United States, we do not publish content that advances political parties, candidates, or ideologies per se. Contributors are nevertheless welcome to discuss social and economic issues and a wide range of topics relevant to politics, so long as they keep in mind that our mission at Pilgrim is educational, literary, and religious, and not political advocacy.

Contact Information

Bronwen McShea, Editor
594 Orange St. #3
New Haven
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