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Brooks Rexroat, Mike Corrao, Noah Milligan, Salvatore Difalco, Brian Burmeister, Mary Lynn Reed, Mike Sutton, Robert Boucheron, K.A. Liedel, William Cass, Ron Gibson, Cynthia Close, William Doreski, Milton Ehrlich, Beth Gilstrap, Jim Warner, John Grey, alyssa hanna, Youssef Helmi, DS Maolalai, Ben Nardolilli, Sean Prentiss, Glen Armstrong, Austin Beaton, Siegfried Baber, Michael Chin, Gregory Crosby, Matt Duggan, Candace Hartsuyker, Mercedes Lawry, Edward Lee, Shirley Jones-Luke, Brandon Marlon, Bradley Samore, Mike Itaya, Karen E.F. Lerner, Scott Navicky, Larry Smith, Chris Stanton, Ace Boggess, Neil Carpathios, Megan Chuisaroli, Terri Linn Davis, Ricky Garni, Paulette Guerin, Kathleen O'Neill, Ren Pike, James Reidel, Dwaine Rieves, travis tate, Rose Maria Woodson
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May 1 to Sep 1
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Less than 3 months
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Editorial Focus

We believe writing, reading, and publishing literature does nothing to make you elite, and the writing we publish represents that. Therefore, while we care deeply about quality, we care little about awards, or about publishing award winners.

We believe in diversity and will continue to feature writers of varying backgrounds.

We believe in stories that are unafraid to go places, be those places light or dark. We believe in stories that explore their characters and settings with their brains and their hearts.

We publish ambitious stories that must be told.

Tips From the Editor

  • We’re human, so our tastes and interests change and grow over time. But, if we could get to the core of what we always look for in a submission, it’s this: we love to see a symbiotic relationship between character and plot, rather than stories that sacrifice one for the other.

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Garrett Dennert, Fiction Editor
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