New Note Poetry

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Chella Courington, Amlanjyoti Goswami, Elizabeth Walztoni, Donald Zirilli, Rob Mclennan, Sara Backer, Stephen C. Middleton, Rich Murphy, Larry O. Dean, John Jeffire, LA Felleman, Kelly Sargent, Yuan Changming
Online, Digital, Print
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Nov 1 to Nov 30
Feb 1 to Feb 28
May 1 to May 31
Aug 1 to Aug 31
Temporarily closed to submissions
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Less than 3 months
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No payment
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Editorial Focus

New Note Poetry believes poetry is the jazz of the written word. Expect wild, untamed, idiosyncratic, bold, and even a little shocking from our magazine. They aim to do for poetry what Blue Note did for jazz: present new, genre-breaking artists while also fostering a high-quality brand. Since poetry has existed since the dawn of language, it is too easy to say that everything has already been done. They believe there is always a chance to add a new note to poetry, to keep it moving forward while leaving a mark.

Tips From the Editor

The worst we can say is “no.”

Contact Information

Nathan Nicolau, Founder / Editor in Chief
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