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Kieran McKiel, Michael Ezell, Megan Neumann, Elizabeth Barron, Alisha Mughal, Paul Alex Gray, Eamonn Murphy, Anya Ow, Darren Ridgley, David Cleden, E.L. Bates, Ashley M. Hill
Web, E-publication
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Jan 1 to Dec 31
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Less than 3 months
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4 issues plus weekly flash stories
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Free for web; $3.95 for eBook
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Free for web; $10.95 for eBook
1,000 to 2,500

Editorial Focus

Empyreome (pronounced Em-peer-ee-ohm) is a quarterly online magazine dedicated to publishing high quality speculative fiction. The word Empyreome is derived from the Greek empyrean (of or relating to the heavens) and the suffix -ome (denoting parts having a specified nature, as in 'genome'). As such, our goal is threefold: 1) To publish fascinating stories that are out of this world! 2) To publish stories that will encourage, enlighten, and inspire 3) To be a publication where authors will be proud to have their work published

Tips From the Editor

Empyreome is seeking original works of speculative short fiction with up to 10,000 words (<7,000 preferred). Stories with 1,000 words or fewer will be considered for our Weekly Flash series. We like stories in which interesting people do interesting things and make interesting things happen. We do not like stories in which flat characters are merely acted upon by forces beyond their control, and nothing interesting happens. If your story includes profanity, sexual situations, or violence, these elements should be essential to the story. Please do not send stories that glorify violence, use profanity without purpose, or depict graphic sexual scenes. In general, if the stories in Empyreome were films rated by the MPAA, they would receive a rating of PG-13 or younger.

Contact Information

Randy Hulshizer, Editor-in-Chief
3120 Plymouth Rock Road
Plymouth Meeting
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