Anomaly Literary Journal

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Genres Published: 
Poetry, Fiction, Creative Nonfiction
Representative Authors: 
Vona Groarke, Blas Falconer, Chen Chen, Matthew Wimberley, Scherezade Siobhán, Kevin Higgins, Stephen May, Logan February, Laura Pavlo, Thomas Stewart, Luis Neer, Zelda Chappel, Ace Boggess, Grant Tarbard, Jack Warren, Lindsay Parnell, Sayeeda Ahmad, Alyam Moser, Steve Mitchell, Sofia Monika Swatek.
Web, Audio
Reading Period: 
Jan 1 to Dec 31
Reporting Time: 
Less than 3 months
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Accepts Electronic Submissions: 
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Issues per Year: 
Issue Price: 
Subscription Price: 
2,500 to 5,000

Editorial Focus

We wanted to create a literary journal that, from the outset, selected only the best of up and coming poets, artists and writers. In an online market flooded with literary journals of all kinds, we realised something: it's been a long time since any of us read a journal that contained pieces which made us wish we'd written it, where not all the poets sounded the same, where there weren't just one or two decent poems and the rest were filler but hosted a succession of decent, skilled poems one after the other like a series of bangs in the distance.

Tips From the Editor

We read submissions all year round. If you miss a deadline, your work will automatically be considered for the next issue. Our response times vary but it is generally about six weeks.

Please only submit ONCE per issue. If you are not accepted for publication, wait until we are reading for the subsequent issue. It helps us with backlog and we will very much appreciate you for it! A short, professional cover letter is appreciated with 50-100 word third person bio. Do not double space (format your submissions as you would see them formatted in a book, for example) and punctuation is always a good thing.

Contact Information

Lorcán Black, Editor in Chief
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