Writing & Performing the Monologue Craft with Jayne Benjulian

08/6/2022 - 12:30pm to 2:30pm EDT

Accessing an interior life, and giving voice to that life so an audience can believe in it, is the art of monologue. In this workshop, we will consider the kind of monologues that give voice to an interior life or the life of a fictional or dramatic character. A monologue can stand on its own or become part of a larger work. Monologues generally take one of three forms: speaker addressing another character; speaker unraveling the thoughts of her own mind to herself; speaker addressing an audience. All three can be deployed as theater, poetry in the form of a dramatic monologue and the speech or thought of a character in fiction and memoir.

This workshop will offer you a framework for shaping monologue projects now & into the future.

The workshop includes:

* A breakdown of what makes a monologue compelling to an audience

* Guidance on sculpting your work & defining the voice of your piece

Playwrights, storytellers, prose writers, poets & experimenters welcome. This workshop is perfect for writers using the first person in theater, fiction and creative nonfiction.

This class will be taught via Zoom. The Zoom link will be sent to registrants at the time of registration and again in the day before class. Please write to admin@writerscenter.org with questions.

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