Very Peak Summer Solstice (VPSS)

06/18/2019 - 6:30pm
Poetry/Fiction/Creative Nonfiction

Join us for a very special event this summer solstice. Presented by ISSUE Project Room 2019 Suzanne Fiol Curatorial Fellow Benedict Nguyenvery peak summer solstice (vpss) features performer and performance maker Fana Fraser, poet Jasmine Gibson, dancer and choreographer Annie Heath, and poet Sokunthary Svay. This is their second program in soft bodies in hard places, a platform of trans-disciplinary events circling planetary events over 2019.

very peak summer solstice is almost redundant – on this day, the sun is visible in the horizon for the longest time until 2020. It’s a transition into summer, the sun phasing from Gemini to Cancer. As with the first program in ‘soft bodies’ rnma, the moon will be in Aquarius on June 21, it’s lightness streaming sharp into an ocean, the days shortening once again. vpss proposes collaborations between dancemakers and poets to play, create, and be messy in making new work. There's a respect for the craft and a suggestion towards de-skilling that welcomes something truly 'in process.’ Over the spring months, the artists will share in their creative processes and venture to experiment across form.

Co-presented by ISSUE Project Room. soft bodies in hard places acknowledges its presence on the unceded land of Lenape and Canarsee People.

Asian American Writers’ Workshop
112 West 27th Street 6th Floor
New York, NY 10001