Twenty Poems in a Day: A Poem-Making Session with Geoffrey Nutter

07/13/2019 - 2:00pm to 6:00pm

Join Geoffrey Nutter and fellow poets for four hours of writing experiments, using an array of texts to create collages of language and thought in the course of adding to the “stock of available reality.” Our day’s work: to watch as language and thought, dreams, lists, technical journals, field guides, tracts and herbal tomes swirl into our memories and dreams and form strange syntheses; to reorder our experience of living in the world of things and ideas as poets and human beings. And to write as much as you have ever written in one day. The transformation of the real and the making of speculative worlds. Living in the world in and through the imagination.

Geoffrey Nutter is the author of A Summer EveningWater’s Leaves & Other Poems (winner of the Verse Prize, 2005); Christopher Sunset (winner of the 2011 Sheila Motton Book Award); The Rose of January (Wave Books, 2013); and Cities at Dawn. He has taught poetry classes at Princeton University, The New School, NYU, Columbia University School of the Arts, the 92nd Street Y, and the University of Iowa Writers Workshop. He has collaborated with many artists, including the composers Brent Arnold and Brandon Scott Rumsey and the artist David Scher. Wallson Glass is Geoffrey's series of private workshops and seminars, committed to sharing with students the broad imaginative possibilities of poetry, to exploring how poets look at the world in and through their poems, and to helping aspiring poets see how poetry can reinterpret the world and build worlds.

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