The Writers Bridge | Do-Overs! Fixing Posts, Pitches & Queries that Flopped

11/29/2022 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm EST
Fiction/Creative Nonfiction

That Tweet nobody liked? The Facebook post you were sure was going to start a discussion? The pitch that got ghosted? The query with not even a form rejection? Chances are, whatever dissuaded audience engagement is something you can also fix in all your writing—and the first pages of your book.

Tuesday November 29, join us for our quarterly “Do-Overs” episode, and if you'd like, submit your own:

  • social media post (send the link)
  • query letter (send as a Word doc attachment)
  • article pitch (send as a Word doc attachment)

that should have done better!


Allison K Williams (SEVEN DRAFTS) and marketing expert Allison Lane of Allison Lane Literary will analyze, re-do, and talk about what makes queries and pitches get picked, and posts flop or fly in the wild world of social sharing. Plus some tips to make all your writing engaging and compelling from the first sentence!

The Writers’ Bridge demystifies author platform--and makes it fun!--in our free, biweekly Zoom chat. Join is for lively, interactive discussions of all things platform, including social media, publications, book launching and PR.

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