Nihilist Reading Group

07/01/2019 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm

Along with symbolic resistance and calls to vote, we are being served with a consistent diet of traditional political remedies and reductionist analysis.

All that this model has been able to provide in the past, and all that is providing in the present moment is nothing more than a pale recreation of the simplistic understandings of resistance that emerge from history books. What is neglected in this process outside of any discussion of actual resistance, is a discourse around the complexities of existence, the nuances of life, and the totalitarianism of these singular visions of a better world.

With this in mind, Journey Into Night would like to announce the beginning of the Cleveland Nihilist Reading Group, A weekly gathering of anarchists, nihilists, regular folks, and those that are curious, or even eager, to engage in a discussion of how to reshape our understandings of the present and its relationship to action.

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