Mutations in Relentless Bodies: Weaving Stories within Relentless Bodies writing workshops part 2

12/15/2020 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm EST
Poetry/Fiction/Creative Nonfiction

Weaving Stories in Relentless Bodies is a two-part workshop series hosted as part of the 2020 "Mutations in Relentless Bodies" series hosted by Relentless Bodies. Workshops will be facilitated by Owólabi William Copeland and Aiko Fukuchi with input from Taraneh Fazeli. We welcome those seeking to experiment, play, share, and reflect on stories, experiences, and connections with their body, mind, heart, ancestry, and family through words, memory, and stories. This event is for African Indigenous and People of Color only. We encourage participants to sign up for both workshops. Please register using the provided link in order to attend. Part 1 of this workshop, held on December 8th, will introduce the space and give participants space to introduce themselves through dialogue and collaborative writing exercises.  Part 2, held on December 15th, will close out the series, taking emergent lessons and topics that arise throughout the series and building them into an interactive writing workshop.   This workshop is limited to 20 participants. Prior registration is required. Because of limited space, we ask that participants do their best to commit to attending both events. If you are unable to attend both events but would still like to participate, please send and email to in advance.  Accessibility: We will have captioning provided for all events as well as ASL interpretation. If you have other accommodations that would allow you to participate fully or if  you need text and other materials for the workshops ahead of time, please contact 

Relentless Bodies is a creative disability justice collective for Afrikan Indigenous and People of Color based in Detroit. Our collective of multi-dimensional beings gathers to intimately explore how our body-minds impact the narratives we create through our art.

Owólabi William Copeland is an essayist, poet, cultural worker and MC from Detroit (aka Will See). he is passionate for making  soundtracks of resistance that touch mind, body, and spirit.

Aiko Fukuchi is a community organizer and writer living in Detroit, MI. Their writing explores themes including intergenerational trauma, joy, and knowledge, interwoven histories, solidarity, resistance, and home through a queer, Japanese American perspective.

Taraneh Fazeli is an art curator and educator living in Brooklyn and Detroit. Her practice engages art as a site to interrogate the techniques of representation and dream more just ways of being together.

This event is sponsored by Poets & Writers and the Transforming Power Fund.


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