Beyond the Hero's Journey: Exploring the Paths of the Heroine, Healer, and Seeker

01/25/2023 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm EST
Fiction/Creative Nonfiction

In this fun and interactive class, we’ll explore journey narratives that go beyond the traditional hero’s journey. The heroine’s journey, the journey of integrity, the seeker’s journey, and the healer’s journey, are collaborative, inclusive paths that have been identified, each encompassing their own narrative arc and distinct beats to their paths. For six weeks, we’ll investigate and discuss each of these journeys through their appearance in literature, film, fairy tales from around the globe, and the lives of public figures, supplementing our study with stimulating poetry, videos, and podcasts. We’ll engage with a wide variety of creative writing prompts and interactive exercises and activities designed to gain a deeper understanding of these journeys for use in our creative projects. Join us for the journey!

This class will be held online via the beautiful Wet Ink platform. Engage with the materials at your own pace, and the instructor and other participants will provide feedback to your posts and assignments! Please disregard the times listed with the event. There are no zoom meetings, just online interaction at your own convenience.

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