Aliete Guerrero, Austyn Wells, and Roberto Tostado M.D.

06/30/2019 - 4:00pm
Fiction/Creative Nonfiction

Aliete Guerrero presents and signs Blue NestiraSofia de Menezes, an opera singer from Rio, had her career cut short with the death of her beloved fianc. Years later, she gets another chance to shine on the Met stage by entering into a contract with an opera manager named Didier Guisan. He turns out to be a master at carving a path that will make Sofia the world's number one diva for as long as he owns her voice, body, and desires. Will she agree to a complete metamorphosis to become Didier's dazzling diva? Will Sofia give up her cultural heritage to fit into the fast and sleek new world Didier has to offer and achieve her dream? Will she give up the life of her unborn child to realize her greatest desire?  On the cusp of Sofia's stardom, the convicted killer of her fianc escapes from prison and makes an appearance during the most important performance of her career, Puccini's Madame Butterfly. Will Sofia's life be cut short?

Austyn Wells presents and signs Soul Conversations. Soul Conversations reveals how you can tap into your soul's wisdom, connect with the universe, and communicate with loved ones and guides in the spirit world. Drawing on the author's extensive training and experience, you'll learn how to develop intuition, cultivate your "soul senses," and create a personal spirituality that interweaves the invisible world with the everyday fabric of your life.

Roberto Tostado M.D. presents and signs WTF is Wrong with Our Health. This feisty, funny, and deeply caring book by a "rebel physician" proposes that we take a radically different look at our assumptions about nutrition and medicine. In 9 concise chapters exploring such topics as "Abnormal is the New Normal," "Why Jesus Had a Six-Pack," and "WGF: What is Good Food?" Roberto Tostado MD both entertains and challenges readers to take a look at their unhealthiest habits and take charge of their well-being for the sake of becoming "A New You, Strutting All Over Town."

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