A Gate is Leaning: Winter 2020 Edition (show & workshop)

12/4/2020 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm CST

SHOW LINK (12/4/2020  | 7-9pmCST): www.facebook.com/wanpoetry
WORKSHOP (12/5/2020 | 1-2:30pmCST) - open to Black folks only: www.bit.ly/ebonyworkshop 

SHOW DESCRIPTION:A Gate is Leaning: A Black Poetry Series (AGiL) interrogates this moment in the collapse of the American empire from the perspective of Black writers writing to and beyond this moment. The title of this event is excerpted from Sasha Banks' book "America, Mine" which has been described as "a radical conjuring of a post-white supremacist United States of America." This show will explore The Cracks, Ruin & Collapse of the American/White Supremacist [Mediocre] world order and imagine what lies on the other side of freedom. We aim to engage primarily Black audiences to consider how they consume and engage with "entertainment" in a time of resistance. As well, we hope to engage Black artists in an introspective process that challenges them to (re)consider their creative output in the time of rebellion and to move beyond the artist as merely a witness, reflection of and archivist of the times.

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: What keeps up from writing, from thinking we have a story to worth hearing? What are the roots of imposter syndrome and other stressors that keep us from thinking we have a tale worth telling?

How do we write our way whole and reject the stories and silences imposed on us?

Join us on Saturday Dec 5th from 1-2:30pmCST for “A World Unto Myself”, a 101 writing workshop with world renowned poet Ebony Stewart. This workshop will explore the joys of noticing while interrogating writers block and giving writers tools to overcome them


"This event is supported in part by Poets & Writers, thanks to a grant from the Hearst Foundations"

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Mwende "FreeQuency" Katwiwa