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The Beast: How Poetry Makes Us Human Theater video 11/03/16
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Day of the Dead Blog entry 11/01/16
Marilyn Manson Reads William Blake Theater video 10/31/16
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Reshelving at the New York Public Library Theater video 10/25/16
Obama’s Essential Reads, Ruth Ellen Kocher on Racial Performance, and More Magazine Article 10/25/16
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Rome Prize Grants & Awards 10/24/16
Joy Ladin on Lambda Literary's Retreat for LGBTQ Writers Blog entry 10/24/16
Susan Hill on Horror Fiction, Anne Carson’s New Collection, and More Magazine Article 10/24/16
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New J. R. R. Tolkien Book to be Published Next Year, #TrumpBookReport, and More Magazine Article 10/21/16
LitSpace Writer’s Residency Writers Retreats 10/20/16
Jennifer Bartlett Theater video 10/20/16
Claudia Rankine to Fund Racial Imaginary Institute, Sleep at Dracula’s Castle, and More Magazine Article 10/19/16
I Had a Man Theater video 10/19/16
Introduction to Poetry Theater video 10/19/16
In Case of Emergency: Letter to My Nephew Theater video 10/18/16
Don't Think Twice Blog entry 10/18/16
The Men in the Dark Theater video 10/17/16
Sonnet 82 at the Strand Theater video 10/17/16
Fanny Howe Theater video 10/17/16
Of Poetry and Protest Theater video 10/14/16
Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise Theater video 10/14/16
Bob Dylan Wins Nobel Prize, the Poetics of Haunting, and More Magazine Article 10/13/16
Small Press Points: Stalking Horse Press Magazine Article 10/12/16
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