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A Crucial Collaboration: Reader-Writer-Character-Book Magazine Article 05/01/13
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A Defense of Young Memoirists, Indie Comics Expo, and More Magazine Article 09/21/16
A Free House in the Sun: Tucson’s Casa Libre en la Solana Blog entry 12/21/12
A Ghostly Imagination Blog entry 09/21/16
A Highly Unlikely Scenario by Rachel Cantor Podcast 12/18/13
A Hologram for the King Theater video 04/22/16
A Little Literary Love Theater video 02/10/12
A Look at the Emerging Writer Fellowships Blog entry 09/03/10
A Memoirist's Deadly Discovery, Hillary Clinton’s Hard Choices, and More Magazine Article 05/13/14
A Musing Trailer Theater video 12/28/10
A New Bread Loaf Rises in Italy Magazine Article 05/01/11
A New Genre in Chinese Fiction Magazine Article 09/01/09
A Picture Is Worth... Blog entry 12/07/16
A Piece of Advice Blog entry 05/09/12
A Public Space Launches Emerging Writer Fellowships Blog entry 03/21/14
A Rally of Writers Conference Writers Retreats 05/20/11
A Revealing Debate Blog entry 09/28/16
A River Closely Watched Theater video 01/05/17
A Room of One’s Own Bookstore for Sale, Funny Books, and More Magazine Article 06/06/16
A Room of One’s Own, Shared Blog entry 03/02/15
A Secret Inscription Blog entry 11/14/12
A Story Contest for the Audience of NYC's Selected Shorts Blog entry 02/10/11
A Story Grows in Brooklyn Blog entry 10/28/11
A Tomb for Boris Davidovich Theater video 11/28/11
A Tribute to Raymond Carver Magazine Article 02/16/10
A Writer's Life Theater video 05/14/12