Writing Coach/Consultant

Seeking writing coaches and consultants with a strong publication history and teaching experience to deliver services to writers of all experience levels.

Our coaches work with writers one-on-one in ongoing private instruction, book coaching, and/or writer’s block counseling, in addition to one-off beta reads/critiques of full mss.

Applicants must be comfortable expressing feedback both orally and in writing. Bonus points if you have strong line editing and proofreading skills and are interested in such work. Double-bonus points if you have experience in the publishing industry and familiarity with query letters, book proposals, etc.

To apply, send a cover letter and resume (including publishing credits) to David Duhr at David@WriteByNight.net

Please take a quick look at the services WriteByNight offers (https://www.writebynight.net/services/) and express all you'd be interested in providing, as well as what genres you're most comfortable working in. (Please be as specific as possible.)

All advancing candidates will be asked to provide a brief sample, and then a mock session during the interview.

Contact Information

David , Co-founder
Contact Phone: 
(617) 899-1706
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