Writer Needed for Psych Book

I am a highly empathetic and self analytical person, who at 50 years of age, and after studying the body and mind for 30 years, and after fighting to figure out my own struggles with anxiety, depression, extreme empathy, and even drug addiction to handle the chemical imbalances in my brain; I’ve cracked the code. I know where anxiety comes from. It’s the one thing researchers haven’t cracked. They know every detail about the physiology of anxiety, and they know how to try to put bandaids on the mental and chemical imbalances in the brain that anxiety causes. However, they don’t know the source. And when you don’t know the source, you can’t actually cure it. But I know the source. I really do. I’m so filled with joy constantly now, and as an “empath,” which is what I’m naming this new class of people, I am finally able to function normally and successfully. I can contribute to the world without needing to drag myself through the days. I can handle stressors with ease, now that I now my seratonin levels are high and can carry me through stressful situations. I could just sit back and greedily enjoy the fruits of my labors, but I want to change the world. I hate to see anyone suffer. It’s why I’m a left wing nut socialist. I want to help everyone. But before now, I barely had the energy to get through a day alone, much less contribute to society. So I need a writer, someone who can organize my rambling and boisterous thoughts into a concise, humorous, yet professional book that will introduce my solution to all the world’s problems in the right way. This could truly be groundbreaking. Research could evolve out of my findings. Treatment for literally every kind of anxiety related depression could be treated around the globe based on my thoughts. I’m not being conceited. I just am so very sure I’m right. How do I know? I solved my own anxiety and depression. I’m through. I did it. I am the evidence. I was a very extreme case of a person with anxiety and depression and self medication. But not any more. So who is talented enough, energetic enough, open minded enough, and most of all passionate enough to partner with me to change the world?

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