The Last Seen Project

Writer for Fictional Children's Short Story

The Last Seen Project is looking for an author to compose a short-story based on a Last Seen ad(s) for 4th/5th grade students. Formerly enslaved people placed Last Seen ads searching for loved ones after emancipation. Each ad documents the tragedy of family separation and the hope for reunion.

Narratives will be ~1000 words and should center the people at the heart of these ads while also appropriately depicting the hard history that the ads represent. The purpose of the narrative is to help teachers teach about slavery, family separation, and the domestic slave trade in a way that is accessible to 4th/5th grade students.

Payment is $1 per published word.

Please submit pitches to Pitches should include a brief description of the expected content and an estimated word count.

Authors should include a brief biography or link to their online presence that includes demonstrated experience writing for students in grades K-5. If you’re an illustrator, please share similar materials and let us know if you’d like to be matched up with an author, or if you’ve got someone in mind.

Contact Information

Signe Fourmy, Director of Research and Analysis
Villanova University
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(713) 825-8007
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