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Volunteer Book Reviewer

The editors at Drizzle Review invite you to join us in reviewing books in all genres by minority and under-represented authors.

Drizzle is a site dedicated to the celebration of a diverse literary culture—we publish short essays, interviews, book reviews, and reading lists that promote literary diversity and the work of under-represented authors from around the globe.

Many of our reviewers are frequent contributors, and we encourage you to pitch a book or series of books you are interested in reviewing. Our only stipulation is that pitched texts are by authors that identify as queer, female, people of color, differently abled, etc. or are works in translation—we highly encourage reviewers to write on hybrid texts, genre fiction, graphic novels, and other less frequently reviewed works. We encourage pitches of both recent books and old favorites that you feel haven't been given the attention they deserve. We are also open to submissions and pitches for short essays on literature and diversity and themed reading lists.

Unfortunately, we are unable to pay our contributors at this time, but we do our best to support our writers through promotion on our website and on social media.

You can find more on what we are looking for and how to pitch at: https://drizzlereview.wordpress.com/submit.

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