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Explore India’s diverse culture and build a versatile and valuable skill-set at Essai, one of India’s leading education start-ups. We’re looking for creative and motivated individuals who want to help young people discover their passions while enjoying the support, freedom, and flexibility to pursue their own - and we want to help our team acquire a set of value-adding educational skills that they can practice anywhere in the world.

Essai offers peak-performance test preparation, subject-based tuition, college application support, and digital content development. Our focus is on decoding and deconstructing standardized tests like the SAT and ACT and exploring new methodologies of teaching, reading and remembering. Our aim is to facilitate an education revolution as India transition from outdated systems of rote memorization and recitation into a flexible and dynamic world of critical thinking, reasoning, and self-expression.

Benefits include paid housing, paid travel to New Delhi, paid training, and a very competitive salary. And because we believe great students make great teachers, we take pride in offering our Faculty the freedom and flexibility to engage in their own pursuits, be it research, volunteer work, or academia: the possibilities are endless.

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