Studio AGD

Studio Manager to Anaïs Duplan

Studio managers handle nearly 100% of communication on my behalf, acting as a liaison between me and all professional contacts. This includes interaction with institutions of higher learning and the adminstration; the Center for Afrofuturist Studies and its surrounding community; all arts and cultural institutions that I come into contact with; Blue Flower Arts, my speaking agency; and the general public. 

The studio manager position is collaborative, requiring continual communication throughout the week with the other studio manager, and me, via e-mail, phone, and Slack. We will meet twice weekly for check-ins, during which we will discuss new and ongoing tasks, and establish working hours for the coming week. Each studio manager is entitled to a minimum of 10 hours weekly, paid at $31.25/hourly on a biweekly basis, and a maximum of 20 hours weekly. Studio managers are independent contractors, receiving a 1099 at the end of the tax period. 

    • Ensure independent courses are fully enrolled through targeted advertisement and outreach
    • Communicate with students as needed (e.g. meeting scheduling)
    • Communicate with Bennington administrators and staff as needed
    • Complete requested paperwork and maintain administrative accounts (e.g. ADP Workforce)
    • Communicate with CAS partners and artists
    • Communicate with CAS team on ongoing projects
    • Assist CAS team on fundraising (e.g. seeking out and drafting applications)
    • Update CAS’ Instagram account and website
    • Schedule meetings and coordinate meeting follow-ups
    • Manage Calendly account and Google calendar
    • Attend select meetings on my behalf
    • Maintain curatorial database with up-to-date artist information
    • Generate curatorial pitches and proposals as needed
    • Assist with research, and other tasks, on creative projects
    • Make purchases of research materials (e.g. books)
    • Generate and distribute design materials
    • Promote upcoming events on social media
    • Update website and portfolio as needed
    • Communicate with professional partners
    • Maintain up-to-date database of relevant residencies, fellowships, and grants
    • Write and submit applications (note that studio managers are entitled to receive 20% of grant winnings for applications that they author)
    • Track and sustain monthly freelance income, seeking out additional freelance work when needed 
    • Communicate with tax preparer Vanessa Flores to submit quarterly estimated tax payments
    • Management of studio e-mail address:
    • Respond to and manage professional invitations 
    • Accept, decline, and/or negotiate work fees
    • Follow up with requested information as needed, including W9s and other paperwork, encrypting and safely transmitting sensitive information when needed
    • Communicate with Blue Flower Arts as needed
    • Coordinate and schedule personal travel 
    • Schedule select appointments (e.g. veterinary)
    • Maintain administrative accounts (e.g. car insurance, PayPal business)

To apply, please send a cover letter along with your CV and creative portfolio (containing writing, art, or other work exhibiting your creative practice) to

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Anaïs Duplan
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