Shuffle Literary Arts Residency

Shuffle is a new professional network for multidisciplinary and creative professionals. Through the cultivation of craft, peer support and online tools, Shuffle has been thoughtfully designed to move your career forward. 

About the network: 
Shuffle's Literary Arts Network brings together writers, poets, editors, publishers, and educators, across all genres, styles and cultures. This network helps broaden and democratize access to opportunities in the literary world by providing members with tools, resources and community that they need to succeed.

About the Residency:
During this 6 month work-trade residency, participants receive access to creative and professional development tools. In collaboration with each other, residents help build and cultivate peer support & community while gaining hands-on experience in the areas of education, performance, event coordination and community engagement. Leading by example, Ambassadors will be at the forefront of Shuffle’s Literary Arts network and work to establish a depth, thoughtfulness and quality as the platform grows. This residency also provides you with an opportunity to shape how the Literary Arts ecosystem connects online.

In exchange for 2–4 hours of work per week, Shuffle coordinates professional development opportunities:

  • Develop and showcase your portfolio
  • Opportunities to expand your resume
  • Grow your literary network

The deadline is January 5, 2020. We will be reviewing applications on a rolling basis, so we encourage you to apply earlier.

To learn more about eligibility and application details, visit our residency page.

Contact Information

Ophilia Mandara
359 Bellevue Ave
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