Prose Writer (Freelance)

About Radish:

Radish is a serialized fiction app bringing “bingeable” romance stories to readers everywhere. Our wide variety of curated, premium, and original stories are published and read in bite-sized installments, with some stories adding new chapters (also called “episodes”) up to 5 times a day - perfect for the smartphone reader. 

From contemporary romance to paranormal to historical to erotic to suspense to YA to everything in between, there’s a story for everyone on Radish

Radish writes and produces its own serialized stories, which post new chapters at varying installments, from multiple times a day to a few times a week.

The opportunity:

We are looking for a prose writer for the original stories Radish produces.

This opportunity is a bit different than traditional prose writing (for novels and short stories). Specifically, our prose writers are delivered a chapter outline, which details plot events, moments, major emotions and points-of-view of characters. The prose writer takes said outline and writes the chapter that will appear to a reader in our app. The prose writer makes sure that all the plot beats and emotional moments in the outline are included. It’s a job that’s part translation, part expansion. Translation in that we rely on our writers to take the outline and make it come to life with words, matching not only the tone of the story but also the needs of the scene. Expansion in the expectation that any moments or dynamics presented in an outline will be given more depth and life via the written word; we’re not looking for transcription.

Many of our stories have high heat and explicitly erotic scenes; if you are not comfortable writing this type of material, please indicate so. An average Radish chapter is 1500-3000 words.

For consideration, please email writerapplications@radishfiction.com with your resume and a writing sample.  We suggest submitting a sample that speaks to the types of stories Radish publishes.




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Jesse Murray