Time’s Arrow


Time’s Arrow is building a home for classic literature online. We harvest the great storehouse of literary history and present the original texts along with supporting lectures and podcasts in a multi-sensory format (meaning one can read, watch, and listen to literary history all in one place). We organize the material along an engaging, exploratory timeline so that context is continually reinforced and a story of stories emerges in the process. 

Our learning platform for mobile-desktop-tablet is designed both for use in schools and by the general public, i.e., those who want to continue their literary education in a fun and engaging way on nights and weekends. We call this “Nerdy Netflix.”

We are actively seeking talent to assist in preparing for a launch this fall. Our interns will play an essential role in the editorial development of the platform. Compensation is $15/hr.

Start date: ASAP


  • Academic background in literature or literature adjacent fields. 
  • Comfort in WordPress or willingness to learn.
  • Attention to detail, exceptional work ethic, self-motivation.
  • Deep interest in building a product and service from the ground up.
  • Voice, humor and confidence.

No cover letter necessary, but please reply to prompts:

  • Please name one novel and explain why it's important to you. (One to two sentences.)
  • What required class would you add to a standard American education if you could?
  • What excites you about the description of Time's Arrow that encouraged you to apply?

Contact Information

Morgan Pile, COO & Co-founder
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