Ghostwriter for a Novel

We are seeking an experienced ghostwriter to transform a 100-page manuscript & 4 hours of interviews into a fictionalized romance novel for a wide audience. This story will be based on a real life story, but the ghostwriter has creative liberty to embellish and develop the plot and characters as they see fit. We are currently in the process of interviewing ghostwriters and considering bids.

Please be in touch with a resume, brief bio, and writing sample if available. Please also include rates if possible. Experience is very important to us, and being local to New York City/State is a bonus! We will be in touch by email or phone to discuss details with you further. Feel free to email or call with questions. 

Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you! 

Contact Information

Zach, Project Manager
Contact Phone: 
(518) 729-8999
Contact e-mail: