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General Manager

Greenlight Bookstore LLC is hiring a General Manager to work directly with the owners to oversee all of its operations. The General Manager is responsible for maintaining and developing the company's ecosystem by ensuring all locations, departments, and parts work separately and together to comprise one efficiently run and healthy company—in terms of finances, staff morale, and customer service.

Company Description:
Founded in October 2009, Greenlight Bookstore LLC is an independent retail business in Brooklyn, New York with two bookstore locations and a stationery store, that combines the best traditions of the neighborhood store with a forward-looking sensibility. Greenlight emphasizes a philosophy of welcome in customer service, produces dynamic events and programming, curates a thoughtful selection of books and other products, and partners with community organizations, to serve our neighborhoods and the book world.

Greenlight Bookstore LLC is currently comprised of:

  • two bookstore locations (Greenlight Bookstore)
  • one stationery store location (Yours Truly, Brooklyn)
  • seasonal kiosks at Brooklyn Academy of Music
  • offsites and bulk sales division
  • robust e-commerce division

Job Description:
General Manager responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Collaborate closely with owners and act as liaison between owners and staff to carry out and implement directives and ensure the healthy of the company
  • Assist owners with financial planning and budgeting
  • Assist owners with strategic planning and steer big projects as they arise
  • Directly oversee and develop a team of managers, administrators, and staff across multiple locations and departments
  • Ensure that managers are equipped to handle issues as they arise and act as primary of secondary point of contact for trouble shooting day to day issues
  • Develop and direct communication, tone, and style to foster store morale and uphold store ethos
  • Collaborate closely with Human Resources Manager and Office Manager on hiring, scheduling, training, and payroll management, to ensure consistency and fairness across the company
  • Develop, direct, and implement store processes and workflow including inventory management
  • Oversee both physical and technological maintenance of all locations

Job Prerequisites:

  • Experience managing a multi-location organization of comparable size & scale
  • Familiarity with retail bookstore business models and financial tools
  • Facility with business and office hardware, software, and technology relevant to retail
  • Willingness and ability to work in customer-facing retail environment
  • Ability to lift 30 pounds or more
  • Availability to work flexible hours

Salary commensurate with experience and industry standards. Benefits include subsidized health insurance, ten days paid vacation, employee discount, and professional development opportunities.

To Apply:
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