Freelance Writer for the Craft of Fiction

Bookfox is seeking a freelance writer to write articles helping fiction writers.

Your Background

  • Literary background, but not afraid of genre/popular fiction
  • Published at least one story collection/novel with a traditional publisher
  • Taught creative writing at the university level
  • MFA preferred

Necessary Skills

  • Enormous library of fiction and books about writing (capable of offline research)
  • Quick Researcher
  • Able to research current online articles and find gaps in what they provide to writers
  • Capable of innovative ideas, not just rehashing old ideas about writing
  • Educated yet colloquial voice, comfortable mixing high and low diction, and formal and informal language. Voice must be non-academic and non-stuffy.
  • Talented at writing for online media (completely different than writing for print).

Bonus Skills

  • Know Wordpress
  • Graphics skills with Canva or Adobe InDesign

Your Mission

To write substantial articles on the craft of fiction writing:

  • Plotting, characterization, dialogue, POV, voice, sentences, etc.
  • To create a bank of articles for upmarket fiction writers: writers who love fast pacing and fun plots, but pay attention to deep characterization and sentences
  • To provide creative writing advice that is more advanced than most elementary articles online


  • Research competition to find topics
  • Research blog posts
  • Write substantial and authoritative blog posts on steady basis
  • Edit & Proofread content

To Apply:

  • Resume or CV
  • Link to one (1) online article you’ve written
  • One post you admired/enjoyed on Bookfox (

Payment is roughly $500 per post, depending on length and research. Posts range from 4,000 words to 6,000 words.

This is a freelance position, but could turn into a full time position if we are a good match.

Contact Information

John Fox
Contact e-mail: