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Freelance Fiction Prose Writer (Romantic Genres)

AnyStories, a mobile app for novels, is seeking freelance writers for, daily updated long stories produced in-house. It's like Wattpad — except ALL accepted writers get paid.

This is a freelance, project-based position with long-term potential. Writers will be matched with a genre fiction project and be responsible for writing a minimum of 10 chapters (each 1,500 words) per week based on a detailed outline. Compensation will be $40 per chapter. — $400 Per Week

A project is about 3 months or more (at least income 5300+).

And after the completion, there will be a chance to participate in the cooperation of the next project first.


●Writer's Qualification:

- Ability to write fast-paced scenes and concise but powerful dialogue

- Ability to write in a commercial and dramatic style

- Interest in romantic fiction and other genres with romantic elements (Paranormal, Fantasy, LGBTQ+, Horror, humor, Sci-Fi, Comtemporary, etc)

- Ability to write spicy and high-heat scenes

- Availability to write a minimum of 10 chapters (each 1,500 words) weekly is a requirement

- Approved applicants will then be matched with a project and compensated for a sample chapter. 


●How to Apply:

- Send a PDF of your CV and a 2000 words prose sample to and name the email as ‘AnyStoriesOriginal _pw_Yourname ’

 - You’ll be asked to write a (paid) sample chapter of a project if your CV and sample are approved. And if your sample chapter is accepted, you’ll be hired for this position.

To increase your chances of being hired, we recommend that you download our app and read the stories from the Top-Selling list to get a sense of the format, genre, pace and heat-level.

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Contact Information

Olivia, Chief Editor