Educational Webcomic Writer

Layla’s Last Week is becoming a series! We are looking for writers for 3 webcomics that will be used to support our Sexual and Reproductive Health education efforts. These webcomics contain 1–3 points where the reader can make a significant decision for the character in the form of a poll with 3–5 options of what they would choose to do in the character’s situation. 

The writer must accurately portray the lived experiences and backgrounds of one of these protagonists:

  1. Filipina American teenage girl in Kauai
  2. Native American teenage girl in the United States
  3. Trans teenage girl living in the United States

The writer must also be able to explore one of the following storylines:

  1. Navigating relationships as a trans person (M to F)
  2. Struggling to leave an abusive relationship

Compensation: $5,000 (4-month contract)

Deliverables: (1) Finalized cast of characters descriptions (2) Finalized storyboard with 80–100 frames.

This is a remote position.

To apply, submit via this form.

Contact Information

Amanda Beadlescomb, Director of Content
Contact e-mail: