Editor In Chief / Master Storyteller

Who We Are:

Avanoo supports people, teams, and organizations in aligning what they do with their highest ambitions for who they are. We help organizations create meaningful, people-centered change using a proprietary method that includes storytelling, microlearning, and cutting-edge technology. Our unique formula supports people in shifting their behaviors and mindsets to drive better lives, better teams, and better performance. Learn more about us and our mission at avanoo.com.

The Content Team

  • We research our clients’ organizational culture and the business challenges they face.
  • We interview employees to find powerful examples of change and inspiration that already exist within the organization.
  • We write emotionally powerful short stories about people who’ve demonstrated the mindsets and behaviors that will help their organization thrive.
  • We produce their stories as engaging narrated videos that are shared throughout the organization to inspire positive cultural change that drives results.

Who We're Looking For

  • A gifted writer and editor
    • You are obsessed with telling inspirational, true stories that surprise, delight, and move individuals to action.
    • You can write and edit authentic, accessible, efficient prose and direct an interview into a moving story.
  • A skilled teacher
    • You are committed to bringing others up to your level.
    • You can internalize, explicate, and mature Avanoo’s house style, then teach and apply it consistently others’ work.
    • You can give clear, direct feedback tailored to others writers’ styles on all aspects of their work.
  • A master of your craft
    • You take pride in your work, and seek to constantly improve yourself and your craft.
    • You know how to recognize the potential in a lead, interview notes, a misdirected outline, or an overly long draft and shape marble into David.
    • You are eager to receive critical feedback so you can better learn and grow.
  • A time management and prioritization wizard
    • You are self-directed and comfortable being accountable for quality and deadlines.
    • Your work is always on time, even on a tight timeline.
  • An all-star
    • You are outcome-oriented, doing whatever it takes to get things done, but working smart so at the end of the day you find yourself energized.
    • You focus on the 20% that makes the 80% impact, and in the areas in which you can uniquely best contribute.
    • You prize collaboration over competition and are happy to pitch in and support any emergent team needs.
  • A professional
    • You know how to ask for what you need and remove blockers.
    • You have a professional demeanor with a customer-service mindset.
    • You are self-aware, emotionally intelligent, and committed to responsibly telling the stories of a diverse range of people.


Set the bar for Avanoo writing.

  • You will be responsible for editing true narrative short stories based on real-world people and events for our client audiences.
  • You will be the last stand between us and the client. If it passes through your fingers we can trust the quality is exceptional, the emotional impact is profound, and facts are true.

Make your own job easy.

  • You will be training our in-house and freelance writers to do what you do—providing editorial direction and mentorship to shape the interview, research, outlining, and writing process.
  • Your writers’ success is your success. If you get everyone you work with to send it in perfect every time, you are rocking your job!

Constantly push the boundaries of quality.

  • You will be adopting, stewarding, and helping us co-evolve Avanoo’s house style.
  • You will help us better understand what quality looks like and how to produce quality works efficiently and consistently.

Master our story library.

  • You will study Avanoo’s existing library of stories and provide recommendations for which existing content best meets client needs and what new content would be a strong addition to our story library.

Support our clients. Support our team.

  • Though you’ll be primarily focused on editing, you may be called in to help write, interview, research, represent the content team for our clients, collect script feedback from key client stakeholders or support other emergent needs/internal projects.


  • Extensive experience (7+ years) producing high quality writing in deadline-driven environments
  • Extensive experience in an editorial role
  • Extensive professional writing experience in entertainment, business, short fiction, and/or journalism
  • Comfort working with geographically dispersed teams
  • Bonus points:
    • Experience in multiple of the domains listed above
      • Our writing sits at the intersection of all four areas.
    • Experience in radio/audio/film/video/broadcast production
      • Our scripts get voiced over and produced for video; the end product our audience sees is a video.
    • Experience in learning/training/instructional design, especially for a corporate environment
      • Our content is designed to drive specific behavior changes so we intentionally sequence and deploy our content to maximizing learning and retention.
    • Experience in client-facing roles
    • Comfort managing complex projects and/or processes using modern technology tools


  • Salary and stock options commensurate with experience
  • Benefits: medical, dental, vision, paid time off
  • Autonomy, mastery, purpose
  • Copious amounts of laughing and fun with a very close-knit team passionate about helping others (including you!) unlock their potential.

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

To Apply:

  1. Submit a resume and cover letter (jobs@avanoo.com) with "Master Storyteller" in the title.
  2. Review some samples of the types of writing we do, and select two pieces to give feedback on.
    1. Samples:
      1. How to be a great listener
      2. The accident that saved millions of lives (and how you can have similar accidents)
      3. Make business problems your secret weapon for growth
      4. Other writing by our CEO: https://www.quora.com/profile/Daniel-L-Jacobs
  3. Send us two examples of writing you’ve done that is most analogous to the samples you saw above.

Contact Information

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2919 Valmont Road Suite 209
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