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The Art Of Monteque Is Seeking New Contributors

The Art Of Monteque is looking for eight volunteer contributors to write reviews and to do artist interviews. This is a non-paying position, but there are benefits such's being able to go to entertainment events, festivals, screenings and art events, along with credit for your written articles and videos.

The Art Of Monteque Organization was founded out of the creative energy of the independent arts. The very energy and inspiration which causes new ideas and discovery to emerge out of chaos. The world of the independent art is a world of trailblazers, inventors, free thinkers and explores. Where the imagination gives way to creativity and creativity gives way to thoughts and thoughts gives way to actions and actions give way to change. It is where artisans are the defenders and sentries of the truth. Destroying the cloak of falsehoods. Yet the community of the independent arts is often smaller with smaller support, showings, performances, media, productions, promotions, venues, distribution, and budgets than its counterpart the mainstream arts. This is why we use Steve Job’s “Here’s To The Crazy Ones” because you have to be a little bit crazy to know all factors that are against you and yet still try to persevere. That is where we come in. The Art Of Monteque Organization is an independent art organization which was designed to showcase artisans and their expression.

Our multimedia website features a magazine, an art gallery and a review, all designed to give each artisans the exposure they need without having to go through immense amounts of red tape. We feature work from all the arts, including performance, literary, visual and musical. If it’s one of the arts, we cover and support it! For example, Introduction to the Artist is where we introduce our audience to each of our featured artisans and their ideas with an emphasis on telling their story as honestly as possible. We also cover film festivals and various artistic events, along with helping deserving artists raise funds by showcasing artisans and their project(s).


The Art Of Monteque is looking for open-minded individuals who are passionate about the arts and dedicated to supporting independent artists. The Individuals must be courteous, gracious, respectful, and professional. They must have good writing skills, be able to conduct engaging interviews, be quick on their feet, and be able to think outside the box.


  • Writing artists reviews and film reviews
  • Conducting artist interviews
  • Showcasing Artistic and cultural events


  • Flexible and well organized
  • Ability to take initiative and work independently and entrepreneurially with a small organization
  • Strong communication skills
  • Take direction and feedback well
  • Strong computer skills with knowledge
  • Strong multimedia skills
  • Strong ability and skills when it comes to camera and video work
  • Able to meet deadlines

To apply for this position, please submit resume and cover letter to Christopher Roberts . Applications without a cover letter will not be considered.

If this is you please contact The Art Of Monteque at, because we would love to have you on team.

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