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Call for Professors and Teachers of Literature who can Write

Time’s Arrow is building a home for classic literature online. We harvest the great storehouse of literary history and present the original texts along with supporting lectures and podcasts in a multi-sensory format (meaning one can read, watch, and listen to literary history all in one place). We organize the material along an engaging, exploratory timeline so that context is continually reinforced and a story of stories emerges in the process. 

Our learning platform for mobile-desktop-tablet is designed both for use in schools and by the general public, i.e., those who want to continue their literary education in a fun and engaging way on nights and weekends. We call this “Nerdy Netflix.”

We are actively seeking talent to assist in preparing for a launch this fall. Our contracted writers will play an essential role in the editorial development of the platform. 

Start date: ASAP

Duties could include:

  1. Composing mini-biographies of Years, Authors, and Movements per your field of interest. 
  2. Composing synopses of key literary works per your field of expertise. 
  3. Recording mini lectures related to your field of expertise.
  4. Mapping the networked relationships between authors—both from a real-life standard, as well as regarding thematic content. 
    1. For example, a real-life networked standard might be that Marcel Proust and James Joyce met at a soirée in Paris in 1922. A thematic network standard might be that Shakespeare’s final play, The Two Noble Kinsmen, takes its plot and key characters from Chaucer’s “The Knight’s Tale,” from his Canterbury Tales. 


  • Teaching experience at the high school or college level
  • Expertise in one or several specific movements or authors
  • Writing skill
  • Voice and humor 

Questions and prompts:

  • On what movement, subject or particular author do you consider yourself an expert? What do you love about this field?
  • Have you ever recorded yourself delivering a lecture or reading your work out loud? How was that experience?

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