City Lights Bookstore

Bookstore Floor Manager

Bookstore Floor Manager

City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco is looking to hire a Floor Manager/Bookseller. This Floor Manager will work in conjunction with the General Manager to ensure the smooth operation of the bookstore. While the General Manager oversees the operations of the bookstore as a whole, the Floor Manager will coordinate the day’s activities on the floor: supervising all bookstore staff, directing workflow, assuring books are getting received and shelved in a timely manner, attending to customers, troubleshooting computer issues and attending to facilities needs.

The Floor Manager is also expected to take initiative to propose systems improvements, new projects (e.g. a more thorough new-employee training program, inventory control, etc.), and possible improvements to the overall workplace environment.

The Floor Manager will report directly to the General Manager and will sit in on management meetings on a regular basis.

The Floor Manager will serve as a conduit between the management and the bookstore staff. It will be the Floor Manager’s role to help convey to the staff initiatives directed by Management. The Floor Manager will also communicate staff concerns, recommendations and problems directly to management.

Areas of Responsibility include:

· Supervising staff

· Coordinating activity on the sales floor

· Making sure that customer service is consistently prioritized by all staff members

· Scheduling and supervising fill-in employees for sick days and vacation days

· Preparing the bank deposits and replenishing the change drawer

· Training of new staff members

Bookstore experience is essential for this job, as well as some managerial/supervisorial experience. The position is full time at 40 hours a week. The salary is negotiable based on experience, and full health and dental insurance is provided along with a 401k plan.

Please email your resume along with a cover letter describing why you would be good for the job to

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