Blog Post Writers

Bookfox seeks writers who can help other writers.

You will do this by creating blog posts that are literary resources. Bookfox isn't looking for simple, 1000-word blog posts requiring minimal research, but deep and vast knowledge of a particular topic, substantiated with citations from specific books, and expert-level advice. Your articles should have weight and heft. 

Topics can cover writing craft and also the business of writing/publishing. For instance, for craft, you could write about topics such as: Plotting, characterization, dialogue, POV, voice, or sentences. For publishing, you could give advice on finding agents, self-publishing, writing a query letter, marketing your book, etc.

Writers will:

  • Be committed to OFFLINE research (not just stealing from other blog posts on the same topic).
  • Have an enormous library of fiction and books about writing they can consult.
  • Educated yet colloquial voice, comfortable mixing high/low diction, and formal/informal language.
  • Understand writing for online media, and avoid writing for print media
  • Be an expert in their topic

Payment: Roughly 10 cents a word for original writing (so $300 for a 3,000 word article).

To apply, send:

  • One-page resume
  • One (1) link to a blog post you’ve written about writing
  • Three (3) suggestions for blog posts (please research the Bookfox blog to check for overlap).

Email to apply.


Contact Information

John Fox, Founder of Bookfox
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(714) 686-2803
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